We are CanVerse
We're a collective founded by people determined to leave a mark on the future. We believe in the potential of what the collision between the virtual and real worlds will bring, and it is in this world that we have put together creative minds to come up with an extraordinary virtual reality in Web 3.0.
The CanVerse Project is a multifaceted deep-dive into the metaverse, where entertainment, lifestyle, festivals, communities, collaborations, and networks will collide. We aim to create educational experiences and develop socially responsible collaborations with and within communities.
The project's biggest goal is to craft a memorable journey online for all.
Join us, friends.

Vision & Mission

Communities, collaborations, and social responsibility will collide in SavannaSurvival, the first step into the CanVerse project. We aim to work with existing Communities to identify opportunities for Collaborations of both the online and offline kind that are Socially Responsible and beneficial for all who participate in them
All of this will come together and take place in the SavannaSurvival.
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